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ITX is a B2B tourism marketplace that brings together sellers (providers of tourism service products) with buyers (Travel Agent, Corporate Travel Management). ITX is a platform that helps tourism businesses provide the best solutions for GO DIGITAL with attractive business schemes.


Do you know? The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism targets the visit of 20 million foreign tourists and 275 million archipelago tourists in 2019. This is a challenge for tourism businesses in Indonesia to make a breakthrough to achieve these targets amid the challenges of managing an increasingly complex tourism business.

Seller as a provider of tourism facilities faces challenges in how to reduce marketing costs, increase occupancy, market to the right channel, manage cashflow etc.

Buyers as sales channels often find it difficult to find e-commerce ready sellers to increase inventory of tourism products. Buyer also faces the challenge of managing so many sellers with all the problems including managing inventory, pricing, payment reconciliation and others.

Digital technology provides opportunities for the Indonesian tourism industry to manage businesses more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, almost 80 percent of tourists use the internet to find product information, places, prices, and activities around tourism. However, many tourism businesses still have not optimized digital technology because it is considered complicated and requires high costs.

Now, ITX is here to provide Digital technology for Indonesian tourism businesses to support operations and businesses that are more effective and efficient so as to improve business performance and growth